Learn Spanish in Spain

It’s great fun to learn and practice your Spanish with us in the beautiful and historic town Medina de Rioseco in Europe’s biggest region – Castilla y León.

During an action-packed weekend we hope that you never experience a dull moment and are motivated to speak Spanish at all times (gestures and miming accepted).

What we offer

Apart form our Spanish Weekend Course in Medina de Rioseco we organise General Spanish, Business Spanish and Special Interest Spanish Courses at our partner schools throughout Spain and Latin America. Special Interest Courses are a combination of General Spanish lessons during the morning and organised activities, such as tennis, scuba diving, flamenco, cooking … in the afternoon. For school children we offer summer camps (min. 2 week stay) in Spain.

Courses are suitable for (nearly) all ages, that is, 6-80+ and all levels – complete beginners to advanced Spanish speakers.

Our aim

… is to share with you the fun of learning and speaking Spanish whilst discovering and immersing yourself in the Spanish Way of Life. Most of all we aim to provide you with an unforgettable educational stay at a reasonable cost.

How to enrol

1. For all courses, please first confirm availability with us before booking a flight.

2. Once we have reserved the place for you, you need to arrange for payment of the course fee and book your flight.

3. You will receive a confirmation email and more information about your course.

Please don’t forget to read our terms and conditions.

Contact Us


Study with confidence at one of our partner schools – members of many national and international organisations.



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